We’ve been asked what it’s like here in Delhi and what a work day looks like. Here’s a glimpse ( written after a grueling day so attribute any lack of coherence to being cross eyed with fatigue). Up at 6am, breakfast at 7am, small group discussion at 7:30am, and on the bus at 8am. Out into the teeming stream of humanity that is central Delhi. It’s hard to describe the crush of pedestrians, bicycles, bicycle taxis, tuktuks, cars, buses, trucks, livestock, etc. I thought New York was congested….Delhi takes it to a new level. In a city of some 18 million souls we must pass hundreds if not thousands of neighborhoods no better than the one in which we work to get to our worksite.

Off the bus and split up in to 2-3 worksites….2 today because of a death in the family of one of the homes we are helping to build. Kurt Daniels has described generally the construction process…I will only add that the conditions are very constricted and we have to work through and around a continual stream of neighbors, mostly youngsters who want and crave a little attention but curious neighbors as well (hope to add pictures soon but am too tired to download and figure out how to attach currently, I think Andy Scripps will add some tonite). Break for lunch at 1pm with lots of talk and laughter about the mornings experiences. A hot lunch is brought in from who knows where and is tasty though we’re all ready for some non-Indian fare. Another devotional, and then back to the worksite til 4:30-5pm when we say bye to all the folks around and hop back on bus. Let me add that quite a bit of time is spent throughout the day playing with and talking through an interpreter with the people of the neighborhood. This, in my mind, is the best part of the experience.

Bus ride back to our hotel….rush hour in Delhi is not to be believed…more than an hour in each direction. After a well deserved shower it’s back together for decompression conversation, impressions of the day, and plans for tomorrow. After dinner a final devotion and reflections. Then, finally, some free time, though to my knowledge no one has experienced this as we’re all too tired and head directly to bed which is where I’m going….hope this helps

Michael Campbell